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YMCA JOB POSTINGS for 2019-2020


Health, Fitness & Aquatics department


Lifeguard/Swim Instructor

Youth Program Staff


Child Care department


Registered Early Childhoold Educator

Volunteer Information

The superior quality of our programs is due largely to the dedication of our volunteers. Each member’s YMCA experience is enhanced by the commitment to excellence of these outstanding people.


The Stratford-Perth Family YMCA actively encourages our members to share their skills and abilities and to enhance their personal growth through Volunteer Opportunities. Providing these opportunities for personal growth is an integral part of our mission.


YMCA volunteers are recruited and evaluated, in all of our program areas, using the same criteria as any YMCA employee. Training opportunities are constant, to ensure that certifications and education always meet or exceed our standards of excellence.


There are volunteers in every area of our YMCA: Promotional Brochures, Web Design, Membership Service, Telephone Software, Facility & Asset Management, Aquatic Lessons, Gym and Swim, Group Fitness, Administration, Individual Conditioning, Policy Leadership, Youth Programs, Camp, Babysitting, Child Care and Nursery School. The fundraising achievements of our Strong Kids Campaign is an example of the excellent efforts of a team of dedicated volunteers.

We encourage you to take advantage of the wide diversity of opportunities; many of our YMCA staff got their start as a volunteer. So, remember… We build strong kids, Strong families and Strong communities…


Ask any of our staff how you can become a YMCA volunteer and…Build your future and your skills at the YMCA!  Ask the front desk staff for an application form!


StrongKids Volunteer Information