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Personal Training & Wellness Coaching


If you are seeking help and guidance to using the Fitness Centre at the YMCA, Personal Training is a great way to get started!

If you are familiar with the Fitness Centre already, Personal Training can help you lose weight, gain strength and increase endurance!

Having a trainer will also assist you in reducing stress, rehabilitating injuries and overcoming plateaus.  Some also offer nutritional counseling and meal planning!


Personal Training Session Fees:

1 session - $50

5 sessions - $235 ($47/session)

10 sessions - $420 ($42/session)

20 sessions - $780 ($39/session)

30 sessions - $1080 ($36/session)

After 30 sessions within a 12 month period, the fee continues at the maintenance rate of $36/session.




Hannah Nemeth



I grew up playing competitive sports such as baseball, hockey, volleyball, participating in

school sports & always finding a way of keeping myself active.   An active lifestyle is all I’ve known!

After graduating high school, I attended George Brown in downtown Toronto for a year of Fitness and Health Foundations. I ended up staying in Toronto for 2 years afterwards to work in the fitness industry
and expand my knowledge on the types of gym settings, clientele and work environments.


In December 2019, I enrolled in a Personal Trainers Certification Program through the National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF) and was certified in early 2020. I am currently working towards my
Sports Nutritionist Certification to improve my knowledge base and training method.


My goal is to help clients with specific needs like weight loss, sports-related training and hypertrophy training.   If you're interested in training with me, my email is hannah.nemeth@ytr.ymca.ca

I look forward to hearing from you!



Cailieigh Walsh



My fitness career began in 2010 with Goodlife Fitness.  

  I’ve worked with a variety of clientele – from obese children to seniors of various capabilities.

My training experience consists of:   one-on-one strength training, nutritional assessment and planning;

as well as hosting running groups (Learn to Run 5k) and group fitness such as High Intensity Bootcamp courses.


My goal is to assist any individual in pursuing their fitness and health goals 

by developing safe and effective fitness programs that are creative, engaging, and challenging.



Registered Holistic Nutritionist

CanFitPro Certified

MYBootcamp Instructor

CPR/First Aid

Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Course

Precision Nutrition Course


Caileigh also offers a Nutrition & Lifestyle Assessment that includes meal planning, lifestyle guidance and 

ongoing advice such as health advice and recipes!  The cost is $40/session or $175/5. 

Contact Cailieigh at caileigh.walsh@ytr.ymca.ca for more information.


Jim MacMillan



Jim is interetsed in helping people attain permanent healthy lifestyles, achieving long-term weight management solutions and living a balanced life. 


In 2001, Jim weighed over 250 pounds and was experiencing several issues with being overweight and leading a sedentary lifestyle.  He became active at the YMCA playing racquetball and eventually ended up training in the lifestyle centre.


If you are searching for guidance to improve your health profile, Jim is here to discuss a plan for your future!



PTS (Personal Training Specialist)

NWS (Nutirion & Wellness Specialist)

Basic Core Training

YMCA Basic Theory

Older Adult Specialist






Chuck Hasson



Chuck provides one-on-one specialized training in all required areas of individual conditioning.

These include a fitness assessment, individual program design and an orientation to the YMCA Fitness Centre.

He has a strong understanding of the various functions and processes associated with strength training.


Chuck has been working has a personal trainer for over 15 years and has been at the YMCA for 10.



PTS (Personal Training Specialist)

Individual Conditioning Level 3; Group Fitness; Strength & Core; BOSU Balance; Stability Ball; Group Resistance Training

25+ years of experience with Martial Arts



Body sculpting, sports performance, functional movements, posture training

Improving chronic health conditions and injury rehabilitation