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You’re not who you were pre-COVID. And neither are we.


Our world has changed. And to be successful, we have to change too. We have bold visions of what it will look like for us to reopen and continue serving our communities in a COVID reality. And we need you to make it happen.


Even though our world has changed, our promise to you has not. The Y will be a safe place for you to make meaningful human connections, get healthy, and stay healthy - physically, mentally, and emotionally. That's what we all need right now. More than ever.


As members of the Y, you know what it means to be part of something bigger. Help us continue to be there for our communities – today and for years to come. Together, we can return as a stronger, healthier Y.


Join us.


Our Official Opening Date and Building Hours:


Opening DateHours of Operation
(Mon - Fri)
Vulnerable Person Hours*
(Mon - Fri)
Hours of Operation
Hours of Operation
August 316:00 AM to 8:00 PM1:00 PM to 3:00 PM7:00 AM to 3:00 PM7:00 AM to 12:00 PM


*Vulnerable Person Hours: We recognize that some individuals are at higher risk of COVID-19 complications due to their age or an underlying medical condition. To support these members, we are offering dedicated hours to the vulnerable populations, including seniors and those with chronic health conditions. Care partners are also welcome during this time.


During these dedicated hours, we will have:


  • Increased cleaning
  • Classes specifically designed for seniors
  • Opportunities to connect with others safely


What We’re Doing to Keep You Safe:



Our Initial Program and Service Offering:


See our Program Schedules and Registration Info


LocationIn SeptemberIn October

Stratford-Perth YMCA

All programs are for ages 13+, except for childminding


  • Fitness Centre (Individual Conditioning)
  • Group Fitness (Schedule and Registration coming on Aug 24)
  • Personal Training
  • Rec sports: Basketball
  • Raquet sports: Squash, Raquetball (Registration required, self or bubble play only)
  • AquaFit, Lane Swim, Adult Recreational Swim, Aquatics Leadership (Schedule and Registration coming on Aug 24)
  • Childminding for ages 3 months to 5 years old (Registration coming on Aug 24)
  • Adult and Children changerooms for Aquatics use only

Everything offered in September, and …


  • Swimming Lessons for all ages (Registration details coming soon)
  • Children’s programs for ages 6 to 12 years old (Details coming soon)
  • Rec sports: Indoor soccer, ball hockey
  • All changerooms open to members

St. Marys YMCA

All programs are for ages 13+, except for childminding


  • Individual conditioning
  • Group fitness (Schedule and Registration coming on Aug 24)
  • Personal Training

Everything offered in September, and …


  • All changerooms open to members


Children's Programs: What has changed and how we will keep you safe


  • All programs will be registered or drop in with reservation
  • Registration begins October 5th. All children’s programs start the week of Oct. 13th, except Gymnastics, which will start the week of Oct 19th
  • Details about how to register will be communicated to members by Friday Oct. 2nd
  • Capacity numbers in all programs have been adjusted to allow for 10 square metres of space for active programs and 6 square metres for classroom style programs
  • Activities and spaces will be set up to encourage physical distancing
  • Toys and equipment are cleaned frequently - Children have their own equipment which is sanitized before use by another child
  • All staff and children will wear a mask unless they are engaged in a physical activity
  • For the time being all sports will focus on skills and drills and there will be no game play


Swim Lessons: What has changed and how we will keep you safe


  • Registration for swim lessons will begin Oct. 5th and the session will run from the week of Oct. 19th to the week of Dec. 14th. Details about how to register will be communicated to members and available on our website by Friday Oct. 2nd
  • Previous registration from Winter/ Spring 2020 will not be carried over to the new session, as many of our time slots have changed
  • Details about how to register will be communicated to members and available on our website by Friday Oct. 2nd
  • Classes have been adjusted to allow for physical distancing between participants and between participants and the instructor
  • Instructors will teach in the pool 6 feet away from the group or from the pool deck
  • The family and general changerooms are available for parents/ caregiver and children, in order to reduce the number of people in the changeroom at any given time, we are asking that you come ready for your activity whenever possible. Everyone entering the pool must shower beforehand


Parent/ Caregiver Participation Required (Children 0-5 years old, and in levels Otter and Seal)


To help us ensure physical distancing requirements are met, swimmers in Parent and Tot (children 0-3 years old), Lil’ Dippers (children 3-5 years old), as well as in the Otter and Seal levels require a parent/caregiver to participate in their lesson with them. 


Caregivers are responsible for:


  • Staying within arms-reach of their swimmer at all times
  • Assisting their swimmer in adhering to physical distance requirements and directions from their instructor
  • Physically supporting their swimmer while they learn and practice skills. Instructors will provide guidance on holds and support techniques throughout the lesson.
  • Model active and wet participation in each class
  • Caregivers must be at least 16 years of age, be prepared to get wet during the class, and be comfortable in a water depth up to their shoulders. It is recommended caregivers are comfortable in all water depths
  • It is recommended that each swimmer have their own caregiver


Instructors will continue to scan and supervise each class and will respond in the event of an emergency using the Y’s current emergency procedures. Parents/Caregivers can support our lifeguard team in preventing emergencies by modelling safe behaviour and reinforcing safety policies.


When Will Membership Fees be Charged?


Membership TypeBi-Weekly Fee
Bi-Weekly Fee
(Family Rates)
Fees Charged OnAdditional Information

Senior (65+)



Sept 18th, 2020

As a thank you for sticking with us and to account for the days you missed in March, we will not be charging any fees during the first two weeks of our opening.

Adult (25-64)



Young Adult (15-24)



Youth (0-14)



Financially Assisted

Based on above fees but matching the Assistance level you received at closure.

Based on above fees but matching the Assistance level you received at closure.


Important Notes


  • Bi-weekly payments - Over the last few months, we have implemented a new business system to help serve you better. With this change and to continuously improve your experience, your membership will be changing from monthly to bi-weekly payments. Your membership fees are not changing. We are simply switching from a monthly to a bi-weekly payment schedule.
  • Any Membership paid in full – We are extending your membership expiry date for the time owed during our closure. For example: If your expiry date was March 31, since we closed on March 15, we owe you 16 days. Our opening date is August 31st, plus 16 days would mean your new expiry date will be September 16.
  • Plus Add on Fee is an additional $5.65
  • All prices include tax